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How to layer your bed like a stylist

How to layer your bed like a stylist

There are two types of people. Those who don’t make their bed and those that do. If you don’t make your bed, you can probably stop reading. But if you have ever wanted to create the most picture perfect, HGTV-inspired, almost too-nice-to-sleep-in-bed, read on.

Foundation before flourishes

When styling bedding, it’s tempting to jump right to colors and finishes, but a solid foundation is key to achieving the desired texture and look. Begin with a mattress protector. Sure, they are practical, but they also give the bed a more full look.

Before you add a fitted and flat sheet you must get the wrinkles out. Even if you are going for a more lived in, boho look, you will want to start with wrinkle-free sheets. We suggest using a steamer for this, but also recognize that not everyone has time for a full on steam session. If you are washing your sheets, give them a good shake when you transfer them from the washer to the dryer. In addition to helping eliminate wrinkles, this will also help free socks and underwear that typically get bundled up inside the fitted sheet while in the dryer. 

Donning a duvet, the ettitude way

Choosing a duvet is very personal, that’s why we made a guide to choosing the right down alternative comforter for you. Not only are down alternative comforters more environmentally friendly, they also photograph better!

It is widely known that next to cleaning bathrooms, putting on a duvet cover is the worst household chore. Luckily, ettitude’s duvets and duvet covers are equipped with ties to make this very easy. 

  1. Lay the duvet out on the bed
  2. Place the duvet cover on top
  3. Align the tags to match the correct end of the duvet and the duvet cover
  4. Tie the duvet into the loops to secure corners. 
  5. Reach into the duvet and pull out the corners
  6. Hold the top two corners and shake, shake, shake
  7. Finally, secure the duvet at the bottom
  8. BONUS: To get that truly drapey feel you see in Architectural Digest, always use a duvet cover that is one size larger than your duvet.

Having a hard time visualizing this? No problem, just check out the video below to see how you can easily put on a duvet cover.


Bringing it together with color and style

Neutrals and natural light are really having a moment right now. To find out just how you achieve this zen like den we asked Art Director, Dad, Home Designer and ettitude photographer @PhilCohen_ how he created a monochromatic room that doesn’t fall flat.

“When it comes to creating a neutral vibe when dressing a bed or the area around it, the key for me is to think in terms of texture and tones. Creating nuances and subtle shifts with these two elements will keep the color from falling flat. It adds visual interest, depth and excitement to monochromatic combinations. The Bamboo Lyocell sheets provide a silky-soft finish that creates the perfect visual centerpiece for a bedroom while also allowing other elements to work harmoniously with its texture.”

Phil Cohen
Phil Cohen (@PhilChoen_ )

And if you are worried about all of these neutrals getting stained you will want to check out our eco-friendly stain remover guide.

See Also

Erin Barrett
Erin Barrett (@sunwvoen)

Finally, dress the bed with pillows. Erin Barrett, or as you may know her @sunwoven, explains that she “loves the look of different sized pillows (especially a lumbar pillow) on a clean, neatly made bed.” To balance out the symmetry of the pillows, she likes to add a casually tossed throw blanket across the bottom right corner as well. 

Have your dream bed, and make it sustainable too

On a budget or looking to be more sustainable? ettitude ambassador, Dr. Anita Vandyke, doesn’t believe that magazine worthy style needs to be expensive.

My home is a perfect example of how you can save money whilst still living in alignment with your values. All my furniture has been sourced secondhand or rescued from the street. “

Anita VanDyke (@RocketScience)
Using second hand items to create a beautiful room.

Styling your bed like a pro isn’t impossible, but it definitely takes a bit longer. When in doubt, remember that it isn’t a science! Have fun with arranging pillows on the bed and creating textures in order to make a cozy bed. Before you know it your friends will be asking how they can make their bed like you.

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