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Five-star hotel turndown service from the comfort of home

Five-star hotel turndown service from the comfort of home


Although things are slowly returning to normal, many are still working from home, getting creative with small spaces and repurposing rooms. The last thing on our minds is making the bed (which is also the breakfast nook and trampoline). However, science shows that you are more likely to have a productive day if you make your bed first thing in the morning.

We know the small task can be mundane, and even the most steadfast bedmakers will admit to just throwing their duvet on the bed and calling it a day. But what if one day a week you committed to really making your bed? What if one day a week you treated yourself (and your bedmate) to a five-star, ultra-luxe, sleep-inducing, bed making extravaganza?



Step 1: Style – Bed in breakfast or Beverly Hills Hotel
It starts with a mood. And yours could be anything. Going for a classic hotel vibe? Opt for our Feather White Bamboo Lyocell sheets. Or opt for a beachy feel with our Starlight BlueStripes Duvet Cover.

Feeling more indie-esque? Our Cloud Pink and Paradise Green colors are perfect for a boho feel. You can complete this laid back look with a pair of PJs.

Or perhaps you just like a sleek look that boasts antimicrobial benefits. If so, CleanBamboo™ Charcoal Sheets are for you. Just don’t be surprised if you want to lounge around past checkout time in your robe.

Step it up a notch: Add throw pillows and accent pieces to your bed. It’s an easy way to change the look and feel of the whole room without buying an entirely new set of funishings. Eco and wallet friendly.


Step 2: Cleaning – Irons and drying and steam. Oh my!

At ettitude, we recommend line drying your CleanBamboo sheets whenever possible. For those of us without the time or space, be sure to thoroughly shake out your sheets before putting them in the dryer on low, which saves energy and also protects your sheets from harsh temperatures. 

Step it up a notch: Want your sheets to be 100% wrinkle-free? Lightly iron or steam them directly out of the dryer.


Step 3: “Make it work.”

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Even Tim Gun will be proud of your bed making skills. Just follow these step by step instructions.

  • Fitted Sheet: Begin by placing the fitted sheet on the bed. Ensure that the sheet is pulled firmly over all four corners to avoid slipping.
  • Flat Sheet: Spread the sheet out evenly and center the mattress. Tuck in the sheet all along the bottom of the bed. Now, to make those hotel or hospital corners, you will need to gather the excess fabric at one of the bottom corners. Pull the top part of the sheet up onto the bed and tuck the remaining bottom part under the mattress. Finally, tuck in the part that is still remaining on top of the bed. Repeat with the second corner.
  • Duvet: Most people get hung up on the duvet. We found this Rachel Ray hack very helpful.
  • Pillows: Add pillows and throws to complete your desired look.

Step it up a notch: Check out this video on how to fold a fitted sheet. 


Step 4: Love a detail

If we have learned anything from five seasons of Queer Eye, it is that details count. Pick any three suggestions from the list below to really bring the hotel vibe home.

  • Add a chocolate or mint to your pillow in the morning (seriously, try it)
  • Light a candle or use a natural oil diffuser
  • Lay out slippers in the morning
  • Dim the lights or limit overhead light usage
  • Get an alarm clock and plug your phone in far away from your bed
  • Leave a glass of water and carafe by the bed
  • Have a cocktail in bed – we are partial to the one found in our Sleep Guide
  • Add a vase or flowers to the bedside table
  • Pull the blinds down fully and sleep in the next morning
  • Try using an eye mask 

Do you have a bed-making hack we need to know about? How do you add hotel luxury to your bedroom? Drop us a comment and we might feature it on our Instagram stories. For more inspiration, you may also want to check out how this influencer reimagined her bedroom. Or check out these easy at-home face masks for a truly spa-like experience. And until we are able to readily enjoy the comforts of a hotel weekend, we can take solace knowing that our reduced travel is helping offset our carbon footprint.

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