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Finding comfort in the midst of chaos

Finding comfort in the midst of chaos

ettitude’s tested go-to comfort items during the quarantine

Whether you are quarantined with your significant other, a family of 10 or by yourself, this unprecedented time can leave you feeling secluded, stuck, restless or preoccupied. Social media can make it feel like everyone has it together with their 4-course, Julia Child-inspired meals—while you feast on your fifth PB&J of the week. 

But make no mistake, we are all in this together and coping in any way we can (cue Zoom meetings with children crying, dogs barking, impromptu happiness hours, virtual hugs, broken mute buttons, broken video cameras, total breakdowns and euphoric triumphs). These moments of chaos (and joy!) have bonded our team in a way that is only possible when you are able to be truly vulnerable. Most recently, the ettitude team connected over what is bringing us true comfort, and found the activities or objects raised to be as diverse as our global team.

So, what do all these comfort items have in common? They all make us feel connected to our most authentic selves, to the world we used to know and to the belief that we will come out on the other side of this even stronger. We hope that by sharing, you feel as inspired as we do.

Lydia Shahmoon | Buying Manager

Pictured: Room decorated with beautiful plants

Usually, I seek comfort by getting out into nature as often as I can, but without that as a possibility, my indoor plant collection has been fulfilling my need to be in and around the outdoors. Varied in colour, size and shape, they all have their own unique personalities and watching them grow, blissfully unaware of the mayhem that’s taken over the world, is a gentle reminder that it’ll all be okay soon.


Marlee Rosenblum | Global Marketing Director

Pictured: A yoga mat on a deck overlooking a scenic backyard

My mother is a yoga teacher, so I’ve always found comfort and connection when I practice. With all of the uncertainty, it is empowering to ground into the earth or look up at the sky and know that nature is still renewing and providing. I believe this event has the power to remind us to slow down and experience being, just the way my yoga mat does for me.


Mel Kantor | Marketing Manager

Pictured: A painting of the Manhattan Beach pier

I find comfort in my portable watercolor set. I usually take my paint set + paper booklet on trips with me and try to paint sceneries of my new surroundings. During this odd time I’ve been painting what I miss the most: the sunny SoCal beach. I’m no Bob Ross, but practicing makes me feel zen and grateful for all the beautiful things I’ve gotten to see in the world that is outside of my shelter in place space.


Jess Pang | Head of Marketing, Australia

Pictured: A puzzle of the a New Yorker cover

My partner and I rediscovered our love for jigsaw puzzles when we were looking for an at-home activity that doesn’t involve screens. It’s meditative, collaborative yet non-competitive (usually). Piece by piece, I learn to stay away from my phone and laptop to take a real break, zen out and puzzle out stress, literally. I now look forward to puzzle time every night after dinner and I don’t even think about what to watch next on Netflix. I say the bigger the puzzle, the better! Bring it.


Sabrina Day | Product Development and Content Manager

Pictured: Sabrina relaxing with a magazine and a cup of tea


In the hustle and bustle of my regular coworking office I normally opt for the quick and easy mocha-master drip coffee, but being at home I’ve been able to reconnect with my tea collection. I’d forgotten how meditative brewing a pot can be. My household has been building this collection of tea for the past five years, so many of them remind us of places we have been and events we are honored to remember. Some teas bring me back to my uni (short for university) days doing all-nighters, others of my travels abroad, and of course some remind me of late-night chats with friends. Above all else, each cup is a reminder that everything truly is a little better with a cup of tea.

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Kat Dey | Co-Founder & President

Pictured: Kat in a relaxing bath

Lately I’ve been enjoying my bath quite a bit more frequently to relax before bed. I sprinkle a few drops of essential oils on the walls of my bath while running a shower for 1 or 2 minutes to get a good steam going (or you can use a diffuser) and throw in an organic bath bomb. Then I just chill or meditate to relax without screens. Did you know taking a bath saves water vs. taking a shower that’s longer than 7 mins? If you’re looking to relax for 15 mins, go with the bath! This ritual is not complete without toweling off with ettitude’s bath towels and then lounging around in our waffle robe


Faith Deutschle | Marketing Consultant

Pictured: Faith ready a book on her Kindle with a puppy pillow

My kindle is life. I like to read a couple of books at once so I can jump right into a story based on how I’m feeling. For some levity, anything by David Sedaris. For reflection and self-improvement, The Daily Stoic. And to forget everything, a nice “beach” read. I am also part of a book club book that is always different and keeps me on my toes. Meeting with these women once a month over Zoom has become more important than ever. We gain perspective and empathy and then we get to talk about our shared experience. That connection to anything or anyone, even fictional characters, is what I’m craving right now (puppy pillow optional, but highly recommended).


Through this quarantine and this exercise, we’ve established a deeper sense of connection and gratitude, alongside a slower, more sustainable way of life. We are learning that even the smallest comforts can make a difference, igniting a deepened sense of commitment to our mission of creating a more comfortable world for all.


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