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The Perfect Shirt for Smart Travellers

The Perfect Shirt for Smart Travellers

Everyone who’s ever been on a longer overseas trip – or in fact travelled at all – knows that nothing weighs you down on the road like dragging a heavy bag behind you. Gadgets and their chargers take up more space than ever, meaning that the best clothes to take travelling are the ones that let you keep your wardrobe as light as possible. Even for business trips, changes in attitudes towards appropriate work clothing means that a smart t-shirt under a blazer or jacket is now acceptable, and even preferred in some industries. These are naturally preferred by male travellers as they are much easier to transport than shirts!
Taking clothes that are versatile is one way to keep your holiday or business trip wardrobe light. There’s no point in taking items which don’t go with anything else or that you will only wear once or twice. Basics like well fitting, good quality t-shirts will go with anything and stay looking fresh throughout your trip. They can also be layered with other items for a different look.

Packing one or two basic t-shirts in a couple of neutral colours is one of the quickest and easiest ways to organise your holiday wardrobe. For those in a hurry, paring down your wardrobe as much as possible will allow you to take only carry on luggage, minimising time spent waiting around at the airport.

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Doing laundry can also be tricky when you are travelling – hotels maybe able to help, but the services are often expensive and there are times when you just need to be able to rinse thingsout in your room. Bamboo t-shirts are ideal for this as the lightweight material’s wicking properties means it dries out very quickly, avoiding that unpleasant ‘wet clothes’ smell when you have to put things back in your bag still damp. Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial and hypo-allergenic, meaning clothes made from this material don’t need washing as often. As there’s no chance to iron, you need clothes that won’t look rumpled – again, bamboo clothing is ideal for this as you can roll or fold them in your bag and the creases just fall right out when you put them on.

The best clothes to take travelling in hot climates are undoubtedly ones which are light and breathable and will keep you fresh all day.

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Again, bamboo t-shirts are great here because the structure of the fabric wicks sweat away from your skin quickly – keeping you clean, dry and comfortable on long journeys and flights.

So check out our eco friendly t-shirt for smart travellers – we guarantee it will make packing for trips quicker, lighter, and greener!

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