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Sensitive Skin-friendly Clothing

Sensitive Skin-friendly Clothing

When you have sensitive skin, it can be hard to find comfortable shirts that don’t irritate your skin. You spend hours sorting through the racks of local department stores, only to find out that the tops you purchased cause irritations. Instead of wasting your money on fabrics that are likely to bother your skin, consider purchasing bamboo shirts.
Bamboo clothing differs from clothing made of other fabrics in many ways. One of the biggest differences is the soft, supple texture. When people have sensitive skin, fibers in clothing irritate the skin because the fibers are sharp. Bamboo fibers are naturally smooth, so bamboo shirts are not going to rub against your skin and cause irritations. Bamboo shirts are also water-absorbing. So, you can wear these shirts for all of your workout or sporting activities, knowing that the fabric will wick away the moisture. You will stay cool and dry, no matter how hard you are working out. The natural antibacterial properties of bamboo means that the shirts will absorb any odors – even if you are sweating buckets, your shirt will not only wick the moisture away, it will absorb any strong smells.

If you are concerned that buying bamboo means sacrificing style, there is no need to worry. Bamboo makes a versatile fabric that can be dyed any color. Bamboo clothing is available in many styles, thanks to its soft and silky texture. Whether you are looking for a few workout shirts, or you have something more stylish in mind, bamboo can meet your fashion needs without sacrificing any of the benefits of bamboo. Contact us today at attitude to learn more about the benefits of bamboo clothing.

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