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5 simple ways to refresh your guest bedroom

5 simple ways to refresh your guest bedroom

Cloud white bedding made from 100% organic bamboo with candle placed on top.

For a hot minute, the idea of travelling outside of your comfort (and couch) zone seemed to be nothing but wishful thinking. Now that reuniting with loved ones is at the top of your agenda, you’ve realized that your neglected guest bedroom is in dire need of a makeover.  


What once was a comfy, cozy and organized room has now lost its zen-like charm. Where do you begin in restoring your old guest bedroom to its former glory and perhaps even improving it? Here are five ways to refresh your guest bedroom and have it retreat ready in no time. 


1. Declutter and clean  


There’s nothing worse than having to step over storage boxes and piles of clothes when you’re trying to make yourself comfortable. Start by clearing the space of all the unnecessary clutter and then dust, vacuum and tidy the area. With a spotless and airy room, your guests can finally enjoy some much needed rest after travel. 


2. Provide the spa-like staples 


Remember those pre-pandemic spa days? Bring them back with your own homely twist by adding some fresh bath-time essentials. Try neatly folding or rolling our bamboo waffle towels and placing a robe in the guest bedroom. Not only are our waffle products super soft and absorbent, they also lightly exfoliate the skin which will leave your guests feeling pampered during their stay.


3. Bring the outside in 


After being inside for so long, it’s important to experience nature as often as we can. Add some greenery to liven up the space or vibrant flowers to tie in some color. Not only will it freshen up the room, but it’ll leave it smelling nice too. If you’re worried about keeping fresh flowers and plants alive (nothing kills your vibe more than a dead fiddle-fig), try opting for some dried blooms. Not only do they last for ages, but they’re also perfect for rooms that lack natural sunlight. 


4. Amp up your bedding game 


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Nothing says fresh like luxurious bedding. To take your hosting game to the next level, give your guests the gift of a good night’s rest with our 100% organic bamboo sheets. The bamboo weave is breathable, cooling and hypoallergenic, meaning your guests will drift off into dreamland as soon as their head hits the pillow. Adding a comfy duvet and duvet cover will be sure to keep your guests feeling cozy in the colder months (and impress them too!). 

Reel paper & ettitude

5. Don’t forget the little things 


Now that you have a clean, airy and comfy room, it’s time to add the personal touches that will leave your space looking and feeling fresh. Create a relaxed space by adding: 


  • A book or a magazine on the bedside table 
  • A candle or diffuser with your favorite scent
  • A salt lamp or nightlight 
  • An eye mask for easy resting
  • BONUS: Sustainable bathroom products such as toilet paper from Reel and Bamboo Waffle Towels 


With re-entry on the rise and travel becoming the norm, it’s important to maintain social-life balance and set aside time to rest—that includes for your guests! If you follow these five simple bedroom refresh ideas, you and your guests are bound to have a relaxing and comfortable experience. 

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