Last updated: March 26, 2019

Our blog is designed to cultivate community and share industry knowledge. This is a space where readers can celebrate their own approach to sustainable living and health.

As a sustainable business, we strive to do minimal negative impact on our planet and local environment, community, society and economy. Community to us is about sharing ideas, passions and cultivating connections.

We consider ourselves as more than just a modern lifestyle brand, more as a collective that empowers our community and can create a dialogue whether it’s our latest spotify playlist to help you sleep, a fun sheet related halloween costumes, celebrating someone in our community, or our latest clean and healthy recipe discovery!

Healthy Quinoa Bowl

This recipe by our ambassador Tanisha Angel, is perfect for a warming breakfast in bed,…

Meet Jennifer Nini

Meet ettitude ambassador, Jennifer Nini, founder and blogger of Eco Warrior Princess, from Melbourne. Who are you?…

Meet Tanisha Angel

Meet ettitude ambassador, Tanisha Angel, from Sydney. Who are you? I’m an 18 year old…