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Sand & Sage: A Tale of Two Landscapes

Sand & Sage: A Tale of Two Landscapes

Nature holds magical qualities that lull us into a state of ease. 

Its softer tones calm and ground us. Its steady rhythm, a gentle reminder to slow down, pause. 

Our newest colors traverse two scenes. Both inherently beautiful, both connected to ettitude’s origin story. 


Inspired by California’s salty shores, Sand celebrates sun-kissed skin, morphing tides, and the sense of harmony found by the sea. 

Kick-off your shoes, imagine a fresh ocean breeze and slip beneath the layers of these warm and silky sheets. 

I moved from the concrete jungle of New York to sunny Los Angeles to experience more calming beach moments with my family. There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of lapping waves and the soft touch of sand beneath bare feet.”  – Kat Dey, Co-Founder + President



Sage celebrates the steadfast beauty, towering strength, and calming qualities of Australia’s native eucalyptus tree. 

Imagine the gentle perfume of minty-honey leaves, pour a tea, and disappear into the serenity of your own at-home retreat. 

I grew up eating eucalyptus lollies as a kid. When I moved to Australia I finally came across the trees carrying the scent I’d fallen in love with. When bushwalking, I love spotting cute koalas sleeping blissfully on eucalyptus trees.” – Phoebe Yu, Co-Founder + CEO

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